Share Cannaveral and Score Free Herb

Wow, it's been an interesting launch week Canna Crew!

We've learned a lotnamely, that the major web platforms are against the promotion of the CBD we love. Hm, the holders of power trying to repress the sacred cannabis plant... what else is new?

Instagram, Google, Facebook and Twitter all prohibit the promotion of our wellness site. So we're counting on you, the Canna Crew, to extend our mission of affordable herbs to those who need it. To make this easier for you, and even add a little mutual back-scratching, we'll give you $5 in store credit every time someone in your crew makes their first order. We'll also award you MAGIC BEANS for sharing about us to your friends & fam. You'll also get some every time you order. MAGIC BEANS can be spent on dope rewards, including cash outs. Just check out the little gift box on the bottom right of the site to get started!

Have another idea about how we can spread the good herbal word? Let us know @cannaveral420. We're always on the lookout for influencers, affiliates and resellers. Thanks Canna Crew, see you on the dark side of the moon!

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