Cannabis, the Wonder Drug

Hello Canna crew! Once again we'd like to thank you for coming on this journey into the world of herbs with us! Today we'll be talking a little bit about cannabis, which is, let's face it, the reason we're all here.

We've all heard stories of the amazing things cannabis can do, and the innumerable forms it can be woven into. From treating common yet debilitating conditions like insomnia and glaucoma, to helping those with life-altering illnesses to get the most out of life, it's no surprise that we've decided to make accessible cannabis products the cornerstone of our mission. There's no debate it's one of nature's greatest creations! This is attested by the fact that humans have been consuming cannabis for so long, that our very DNA has evolved to better accommodate it in our systems. Read a detailed study on cannabinoid receptors in the human brain here.

But the "why" is not as important as the glaring truth—that millions of Americans require cannabis products to live a full and happy life. This truth is taken advantage of by head shop owners and marketplace merchants, who charge exorbitant prices for what should be an inalienable human right—the right to healthcare.

There's even more to it than the commonly accepted medical uses, however. Medical science is constantly discovering new applications for the magic plant, and it has been shown to have positive effects on dozens of serious conditions. Read about emerging medical uses of cannabis on Norml.

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